Est 2011

Artist Statement

Art is like happiness, for me, it`s all inside. Memories of my travels or just images of situations of my daily life are nestled into my paintings. Also, I am endlessly inspired by nature with its perfect guidance, its colours, shapes, forms and textures. Colors communicate to me. As color combinations develop, unexpected images emerge and the painting starts to come alive.


I use any tools that come into my hands such as palette knives, big brushes, scrapers. As well, I often incorporate different mediums into the work: music sheets, news paper, old records and even small metal parts.

I am always searching for something that adds to my artistic development, captures my interest and brings some adventure and mystery into my work.


I take great satisfaction in painting abstracts at my own pace and with the spirit of my soul. I let myself explore, develop and grow while discovering new techniques. My painting process is especially important to my existence, to the work, and to the stillness of my mind. The instant I allow my soul to take over the canvas, a moment of peace and quiet; a perfect moment, a new creation is born.


Every painting is unique, every experience is a new experience. Every day I paint, is a magical day.







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